Viking Lotto Multi-National Lottery

A lottery that is receiving more and more attention from players in New Zealand is Scandinavia’s Viking Lotto. Launched in 1993, it saw the lotteries of five countries join forces to create the first multi-national lottery in the world.

Its track record is one of proven success, and it has impressed our reviewers with not only its innovative approach, but its reliability and trustworthiness as well. There can be no doubt that this lottery deserves a place on the site where we bring you only the best lotto games and tell you everything you need to know about them.

National lottery draws around the world are always exciting events. With Viking Lotto, players aren’t waiting with anticipation along with people in only one country, but in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

How Viking Lotto is Played

Like the majority of lotteries featured at, the site that recommends the best lotto games for players in New Zealand, Viking Lotto is played by selecting a range of numbers from among those that are used for the weekly draws.

This game uses numbers one to 48, and of these, players need to select their six lucky numbers. Players can also select two additional bonus numbers.

The draw takes place every Wednesday evening at the Norsk Tipping Studios in Hamar, Norway. The six main numbers are drawn, followed by the two bonus numbers that are used for the lower level prizes.

Players are also automatically entered in the Lucky Number pot draw, which offers an additional prize over and above the huge main jackpot. This lucky number is produced by a certified random number generator before the six main numbers are drawn.

Sweden’s Svenska Spel is the only participating lottery that does not include the Lucky Number pot.

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Viking Lotto Jackpots and Wins

As in New Zealand’s official lottery and in most others we recommend, the main Viking Lotto jackpot goes to the player whose six numbers were those drawn.

If the number drawn before the main draw matches any of these six numbers, the player will also receive the Lucky Number pot. There are other fantastic wins available in this lottery as well.

If the either or both the main jackpot and Lucky Number pot are not won, that amount will be rolled over, and will be added to the following week’s jackpot amount. This means that, if the Viking Lotto jackpot is not won for several draws in a row, it could reach truly astronomical heights.

The lowest tier prizes are awarded if players’ numbers match three of the six main numbers.

One of the big differences between this and other multi-national lotteries promoted by is that, while the main jackpot is offered in all of the participating countries, the lower tier prizes are not.

Each participating country determines its own lower tier prizes.

All wins need to be claimed within 365 days of the draw, or the ticket will be considered invalid. Prizes are paid out in cash.

Viking Lotto Results

Checking the draw results can be done quickly and easily, thanks to the internet. The results are published weekly on the websites of the lottery companies that comprise Viking Lotto. They are also broadcast on television and on the radio, and published in newspapers in the participating countries.

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