A Brief History of Lotteries

Stories of lotteries have been known to date back as far as the times of the Bible, where Moses used lotteries to divide land alongside the west of the River Jordan. Stories have been told of lotteries being played in the Roman Empire and there is even a belief that funds were raised from lotteries to build the Great Wall of China. There is such a long, rich and diverse history to lotteries. Over the century’s they flourished in Europe but had many mixed emotions in America where they were even prohibited for a time. No matter what has happened in the past lotteries have thrived and are thoroughly enjoyed by millions. They have also made many players very rich.

It was only in 1986 that New Zealand’s first lotto game was approved by the New Zealand Cabinet which led to the very first draw that was held on the 1st of August 1987. From there on new types of lottery games came about. The advent of the internet brought about a new world of online lotto New Zealand games where players across the globe have been able to participate. OnlineLotto.co.nz informs players on all they need to know about the various local and international lottery games that are available.

Finding the Best Online Lotto New Zealand

These days the internet is inundated with lottery sites offering golden opportunities as well as a bunch that should be avoided. OnlineLotto.co.nz lists the best places for New Zealander’s to play lottery games online. These online lotto New Zealand friendly sites are thoroughly reviewed to ensure they offer premium services to lottery fans. They are New Zealand friendly with regards to customer support and banking methods. All depositing of funds, purchasing of lottery tickets and claiming or withdrawing winning prizes can be done so in a safe and protected environment. The Online lotto New Zealand friendly sites guarantee that all the games that are offered are authentic and they sell only legitimate tickets that have real possibilities of winning.

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Advantages of Playing the Lotto Online

The best thing about playing the online lotto New Zealand games is the incredible convenience it offers to players. There is no need for players to leave home or work to rush to the store to buy last minute tickets. The best Online lotto New Zealand friendly sites offer mobile versions so players can use their mobile devices at any time to take part in any aspect of the lottery. Developers have created certain games like keno and instant kiwi scratch cards to be highly entertaining with various themes and interactive game play.

OnlineLotto.co.nz provides all information relevant to making the process of playing the lottery online much easier and more efficient. Players can find out all they need to know about the available lotteries and how they are played. The top online lottery sites also offer detailed information on the various divisions that each lottery has and what the requirements are to win in each division. Checking the results of the various lottery draws is simple to do and can be done almost immediately after the specific draw has taken place. Players can also find out all about whether the jackpot was won or not and what the next jackpot is estimated at.