Win Big with New Zealand Lotto

In New Zealand, the lotto is incredibly popular and along with one main draw held every Saturday, there are several spin-off games held during the course of the week. The main New Zealand lotto has an average prize of NZ$1000, 000 and the game features six balls and one bonus ball that are drawn from a pool of 40 numbers. Balls are numbered 1-40 and to win the main, or First Division prize, every single number must be guessed correctly.

You can purchase  a New Zealand lotto ticket for the main draw at a number of official kiosks and retailers or you can opt to go online and purchase at one of the sites recommended by Lotto apps also make it even easier to play and we make sure you have access to all the resources you need.

When buying a New Zealand lotto ticket, you can select your own lucky numbers or you can opt for randomly generated numbers by suing the Dip feature. A minimum of 4 lines is required if you choose your own numbers and every line is 60c. For dip tickets there starting price is NZ$6. A First Division prize will rollover for up to 4 weeks, but on the 5th week, a ‘Must be Won” draw takes place and if no player is a winner, the prize is awarded to those who are the closest possible match.

Additional Lotto Games

In addition, to the official New Zealand Lotto, there are a number of other draws and add-on games that take place. Powerball is an additional draw that’s tacked on to the main lotto game, whilst the daily Bullseye games and Keno, Play 3 and Instant Kiwi draws all offer something different and hugely rewarding.

Big Wednesday is the second biggest New Zealand lotto draw and this takes place, predictably on a Wednesday. Introduced in October 2005, Big Wednesday doesn’t only feature cash jackpots it also offers players the chance to win luxury prizes such as cars, exotic holidays and gadgets. Big Wednesday is marketed as a chance to win the ultimate lifestyle and many New Zealanders can attest to this being true.

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New Zealand Lotto Online

In May 2008 the New Zealand Lotto went online, making it even easier for players to buy tickets at their convenience. By opening up virtual kiosks players were able to ensure they never missed out on a draw and just as when buying a ticket at a brick and mortar kiosk, they could purchase a few draws ahead of time too. With the New Zealand lotto now available at player’s fingertips, an increasing number of tickets were sold and over the years these numbers have continued to grow.

When playing lotto online players have the same choices as they would at a retail kiosk and can choose which tickets they’d like to buy and make use of the Dip option if preferred. There is also the option to subscribe, which means that your tickets will be issued automatically.

Playing the New Zealand lotto could make you an instant millionaire and there are plenty of chances to hit the jackpot with all the games available. Here at, we bring you all the information you need on how you could possibly strike it lucky!