Enjoy New Zealand’s National Lotto

For decades, New Zealand Lotto has enthralled players and paid out more than a few life-changing jackpots. This national lotto has also kept abreast with technological developments.

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In addition to helpful information about the country’s official lottery, you will also find our reviews and recommendations of other lotteries and lotto-style games, as well as the various top quality sites that make them available.

Lotto and Powerball

New Zealand’s main national lotto draw is the one that takes place weekly on Saturday evenings. This is the original lotto that was established as a Crown Entity in 1987; the purpose of which is to benefit the people of the country through various projects.

This game sees players select six main numbers and one bonus number between one and 40. Players also select one Powerball number from between one and 10.

Draws take place on TV One on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Winnings start from a minimum of three matched main numbers and a matched bonus ball. If you also guessed the Powerball number which is drawn after the main numbers correctly, the payout will be even bigger.

The Wednesday New Zealand national lotto draw also features a draw for the Strike jackpot. To play for this, an extra line of four numbers is added to your lotto ticket.

The idea is to guess the first four balls to be drawn, in the order in which they emerge from the chute. Having even just one ball in the right order can bring wins.

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National Lotto Bullseye

The New Zealand national lotto daily Bullseye game also works with number selections and a random number draw. In this game, you need to select a six-digit number anywhere between 000 000 and 999 999.

There are several prize divisions in this game. The payouts depend on how close your number is to the number drawn.

Try Play 3

The Play 3 game offered by New Zealand’s national lotto is an easy one that requires players to select a three digit number, select a play type, and then select the number of drawers into which they wish to be entered.

Play types are basically guesses on how the numbers will appear.

Find out about Keno

The version of Keno offered by New Zealand’s national lotto uses a ticket featuring 80 numbers. The winning numbers are drawn four times a day; at 10am, 1pm, 3pm, and 6pm.

When playing this game, you first need to choose how many numbers you want to play, and then you need to decide on your betting amount. Next, you need to decide on the number of draws into which you want to be entered, select the times of those draws, and then select the relevant numbers on the ticket.

Instant Kiwi and Second Chance

Instant Kiwi is the national lotto’s take on scratch cards. The removable surface is removed to expose various symbols, which, if they appear in multiples, can bring wins.

Instant Kiwi cards that don’t win can be entered into the 2nd Chance draw for another chance at winning.

National Lotto Tickets

Tickets for New Zealand’s national lotto can be bought at a number of vendors and kiosks around the country, or they can be bought online at sites or with apps recommended by OnlineLotto.co.nz.