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There are many mobile sites available online that offer lottery games for New Zealander’s but they don’t all meet the highest standards. Instead of potentially finding an unsavoury site, players can use the list of the best places to play mobile lottery games that is provided here at These sites offer players excellent customer support and services. All available lottery games that players can choose from are authentic and the tickets sold are legitimate with real possible chances of winning. All fund deposits, ticket purchases, withdrawals and any other sort of money transaction is done in a safe environment. The recommended mobile sites pride themselves on offering strict confidentiality for all of the player’s personal information.

Playing Lottery Games on Mobile

The portable nature of mobile devices offer extreme convenience to playing the lottery because it allows players to do so on the go and at any time they wish. Mobile lottery applications are being produced at a rapid pace and with the simplicity of accessing the mobile sites this has become a popular platform on which to partake in any lottery game.

New Zealand lottery players can play all of the various local lotteries as well as a host of international lotteries when they play at any of the top online Mobile lottery sites. offers a wealth of information regarding how all these lottery games are played.

Purchasing Lottery Tickets on Mobile

Lottery tickets can be purchased easily through the top mobile sites or the best rated lottery applications. Mobile lottery players can buy their tickets for any of the lottery games that are available for New Zealander’s. Foreigners have the opportunity to enter New Zealand’s various lotteries too on their mobile devices from their respective countries. Tickets sales close quite soon before the live draws happen and re open to sell the following draws tickets soon after.

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Win Mobile Lottery Games

There’s not much skill needed when playing lottery games and the outcome relies mainly on the luck of the draw. It is however important to know that players can win NZ$ not only for having selected numbers that match with all of the drawn winning numbers but certain divisions of lesser number matches offer money prizes too.

Certain additional bonus balls add extra chances of money prizes so knowing the basics of the specific lottery games will help. There are a number of divisions that players’ number selections have chances of falling into. The top Mobile lottery sites that are recommended by provide detailed information about the divisions and what possible matches are needed for each.

After the live draws take place the results are posted online where Mobile lottery players can access them direct or they can sign up for a subscription service that send the results directly to the players via email or text message. This service is offered at many of the top mobile sites. Soon after the winning numbers are drawn then released online, players can view the detailed results of the draw including the number of winners per division, the amount the prizes were for each division and details on if the jackpot was won.