Enjoy Free Lotto Online in New Zealand

The concept of the lottery is almost as old as humanity, and even now, in the digital age, the popularity of lottery-style games continues unabated. While New Zealand’s official lottery is played with cash for wins, there are other lotteries and lottery-style games that can be enjoyed for free.

OnlineLotto.co.nz has sought out, reviewed, and recommended only the best of these free lotto games. Using the information on our site, you can find top quality lotto sites as well as online and mobile casinos that offer free games, including traditional-style lottery and games such as Keno that work on the same principle.

You will also find information about various playing options, including download and no download options, for various platforms, so you can play your lucky numbers whenever it suits you.

Free Lotto Basics

The free lotto games that you can play at sites recommended by OnlineLotto.co.nz generally follow the same format. This is almost identical to the format used by major national lotteries such as the one in New Zealand.

Most lotteries operate with a specified range of numbers. A smaller range of numbers will then be drawn at random from those numbers.

In land-based games, the numbers are usually printed on small balls which are drawn from a container by mechanical means, in a controlled environment. As the games we recommend are web-based, those results are produced by certified random number generators.

This means that, even when playing for free, players are assured of fair and accurate results.

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Free Lotto on PC and Mobile

The way to start playing free lotto at the sites we promote may vary from site to site. Whatever a site’s specific process is, it generally requires players to sign up and open a guest account.

Some lottery-specific sites may only offer in-browser play. This means you would need a PC or mobile device with an active internet connection, and would need to log on to the site to play.

These sites would require you to open an account on your first visit, which you can simply log in to on subsequent visits.

Other sites, especially online and mobile casinos that offer lottery-style games that can be played for free, offer download and no download options for PC and mobile.

The free lotto download option is usually in the form of software for desktop and laptop computers, and apps for smartphones and tablets such as Android, iPhone and iPad.

The no download option is usually that of playing in browser. Compatible with PC and mobile device, this option usually utilises Flash technology.

How to Play Free Lotto

Playing free lotto at the sites promoted by OnlineLotto.co.nz is as easy as playing land-based versions of the game.

Once you have opened your account and launched the lottery game you want to play, you simply need to select the relevant amount of numbers on your virtual lotto ticket.

For example, if the game uses a range of numbers from one to 40, and draws six numbers from those 40, you would simply need to select your six lucky numbers on your ticket and then submit it.

In some cases, the results are produced immediately by a random number generator. Other sites may hold daily or weekly draws at a specified time, or even use the numbers drawn in official state lotteries.

The free lotto game of Keno uses tickets that feature 80 numbers, and gives players straight, combination ticket, and multiple bet options.