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Lottery-style games are among the simplest games of chance available, but despite how easy they are to play, they never fail to provide big-time thrills and suspense.

The lotto games that most players in New Zealand are familiar with are those associated with the country’s national lottery and played with real money. However, there are a plethora of free lotto games available, and it is our mission at to find the very best of them, review them, and recommend the very best for you.

The online and mobile lotto sites and casinos we promote use state of the art software and security systems, offer a wide selection of top-rated games, and provide 24 hour player support. They also offer download and no download playing options.

PC and Mobile Free Lotto Games

The free lotto games we recommend for players in New Zealand are compatible with a range of PC and mobile platforms. This gives you the freedom to play your lucky numbers without spending a cent, whenever you have a few moments to spare.

It doesn’t matter whether you are at home, at the office, or on the move.

The download option for PC at the sites promoted by is free software. Downloading this gives players access to all the free lotto games and others listed at the relevant site, as well as access to other features. The mobile download options available are usually free apps for Android and iOS devices.

The no download options for PCs and mobiles are usually the same, which is to play the Flash versions of these exciting games in browser.

Once you have chosen your platform and playing method, you need only open a guest account, and you will be set to begin playing.

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Traditional Free Lotto Games

A number of the free lotto games available at the site we have rated and reviewed for players in New Zealand are played in a similar way to familiar land-based versions of the game.

These games are usually played with a specified range of numbers. You will need to select a smaller range of numbers from within the larger range for your ticket, and then submit it.

Most of these games produce the results as soon as the ticket is submitted. This is done by a random number generator programme that has been certified to produce accurate, unbiased results, rather than by drawing marked balls from a drum.

Winning tickets are those whose numbers match the results of the lottery number draw.

Online and Mobile Keno

The origins of lottery-style game Keno lie in ancient China, where it was originally played on sheets of paper with Chinese pictograms. The game evolved over the centuries, and the online and mobile versions of it are generally played with 80-number tickets, and are among the most popular of free lotto games.

The range of numbers that players can select varies from game to game, but whatever it is, the numbers are selected on tickets which are then submitted before the results are produced.

One of the major differences between Keno and traditional lotto games as most players in New Zealand know them is that Keno allows for more creative tickets, such as straight, combination, and multiple bet tickets.

Online Scratch Cards

Classed as lottery-style games by many sites, online scratch cards offer the classic experience of scratching the surface to reveal symbols. You will win the game if you find a specified number of certain matching symbols.

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