Brief History of the Euro Millions Lottery

The idea of the Euro Millions Lottery came about in 1994 when the plan was to launch the lottery alongside the launch of the single European currency. This plan was however delayed for a number of years until Friday the 13th of February in 2004 when the first draw took place. Initially the draw only involved the UK, Spain and France but over the years other countries have joined in. Online technology has allowed players around the globe to participate in the lottery which is great news for kiwi lotto fans.

Play the Euro Millions Lottery Online

The advent of the internet has opened up endless opportunities in all aspects of life and the unbelievable convenience of playing Euro Millions Lottery online has been incredibly beneficial to participants around the world. The best sites and downloadable applications allow players in New Zealand the opportunity to play and possibly win without having the worry about the fact that the draw takes place half way across the world and may not be shown on New Zealand television. Purchasing of tickets can be done at any time up until the entries close, which is quite soon before the draw takes place. After the Euro Millions Lottery draw, the results are displayed online for all players to see and many of the top sites will inform players immediately if they have fallen into a winning division. offers details on the best places for New Zealand players to take part in this lottery online. This has made the search much easier for players as the internet can be full of unsavoury sites that may not offer excellent service or even legitimate lottery tickets. Since playing lotteries online involves real money transactions, it is vital for players to know their personal details and NZ$ are safe and secure. These highly recommended sites offer premium services where players will receive confirmation of their entries, all transactions will take place in confidence and all information regarding the draw will be readily available if not delivered to the player directly. The top sites recommended by don’t just offer the best services, they also provide absolutely all relevant information needed for playing the Euro Millions Lottery.

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How to Win the Euro Millions Lottery

The Euro Millions Lottery live draws take place every Tuesday and Friday nights in Paris for all participating countries. Five random numbers are drawn from a total of fifty numbers for the main selection and two numbers are drawn from the eleven Lucky Star numbers. Any player with all seven matching numbers will win the big jackpot prize. The jackpot prize will be split evenly for multiple winners.

If there are no winners for the Euro Millions Lottery jackpot prize, the jackpot will roll over to the following draw. There is no limit to the amount of times the jackpot can roll over but there is a limit to the amount the jackpot can be. Once the jackpot reaches 190 million euros it will stay for two more draws before rolling down to the next division prize. provides all the information on what requirements each winning division needs, the odds of winning, details of the roll over if it occurs and much more.