About the Euro Jackpot Lottery

The very first Euro Jackpot Lottery draw was held on the 23rd of March in 2012. The draw takes place in Helsinki, Finland live on a Friday night. A number of European countries participate in this lottery game but since the advent of the internet, lottery fans around the world have been able to take part at online lottery sites.

Best Sites to Play Euro Jackpot Lottery

With New Zealander’s having access to play the Euro Jackpot Lottery online there has been an abundance of online lottery sites offering this game. It is however important to play at only the best and safest New Zealand friendly sites since playing the lottery involves handing over personal details and real money transactions.

OnlineLotto.co.nz has made the search for reputable lottery sites simple and listed the most recommended places to partake in the Euro Jackpot lottery online. These top sites offer superior services and provide detailed information on all relevant aspects of playing this lottery online. New Zealander’s can be sure that all the tickets are legitimate and real possible winning chances are available. Players can deposit funds, purchase the lottery tickets and claim any winning prizes safely and conveniently. An advantage of playing online is that there is no claim period as the winning prizes are automatically placed into the players account. OnlineLotto.co.nz makes sure these sites hold all the players personal and account details as well as any transactions made in a confidential manner.

How to Play the Euro Jackpot Lottery

Players choose five random numbers out of fifty and then an additional two numbers out of a batch of eight separate numbers, these two are called the Star or Euro numbers. If all of the five main numbers and the two additional numbers match then the jackpot prize is won. There are eleven other divisions that offer prizes for various amounts of matching numbers. The Euro Jackpot Lottery is very simple to play and requires little skill as the outcome of drawing the winning numbers is relied mainly on luck. OnlineLotto.co.nz provides detailed information on how New Zealander’s can play the Euro Jackpot Lottery online.

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How to Win the Euro Jackpot Lottery

The lowest division prize is rewarded to players who match two of the main drawn numbers and one or more of the additional euro numbers. One main number and two euro matches will win the minimum prize. Three, four and five matching numbers with various amounts of the additional euro numbers all fall into a number of divisions and offer prizes. Each of the divisions receive a portion of the prize fund and if multiple players fall into any of the specific divisions the amount is split evenly amongst them. This occurs with the biggest jackpot prize too. After all the different divisions have been apportioned their share, the remaining amount is added to the booster fund which helps to guarantee that the 10 million euro jackpot is always available. If there are no winners for the jackpot prize it will roll over to the following draw. The roll over is limited to twelve consecutive draws. If the thirteenth draw produces no winner, the jackpot will roll down to the next division.