The History of Lottery Games

The origins of lottery style games are dated back as far as the biblical times where there are stories told in the bible of how Moses used lotteries to award land on the west side of the River Jordan. There are also stories of lottery type games that date back to the time of Julius Caesar. It has been believed that even the Great Wall of China was built with funds that were raised through lottery type games. Over the century’s lottery games thrived throughout Europe and landing on the shores of America, the lotteries experienced many ups and downs and they were even prohibited in the 1800’s.

In February of 1986 the New Zealand Cabinet approved the launch of New Zealand’s first Lotto game and the very first New Zealand Lotto draw eventually took place on the 1st of August 1987.  Over the years additional variations of lottery games came about. Instant kiwi scratch cards, Lotto Strike, Keno, Powerball and Big Wednesday were some of the best lottery games that eventually came about for New Zealander’s to play. With the advent of the internet, endless opportunities came to fruition for New Zealand lotto fans where they were finally able to participate in plenty of international lottery games held all over the world. has details available for lottery fans in New Zealander to find out all they need to know about the various local and international lottery games that exist. Caribbean Super Lotto is one of the exciting international lotteries that New Zealander’s can learn all about.

The Caribbean Super Lotto Game

Caribbean Super Lotto is a lottery game that is quite similar to Powerball, Mega millions and Euro millions where the jackpot prizes are funded by ticket sales in a number of various countries that have pooled together to create one jackpot lottery. The participating countries and islands include Bermuda, Barbados, Jamaica, Anguilla, Antigua, St Maarten, St Kitts & Nevis, Paraguay and the US Virgin Islands. Caribbean Super Lotto is the first of its kind in both the Caribbean and Latin America. With providing information about this exotic lottery and many more around the world, New Zealand lotto fans can become well informed about what is on offer worldwide.

TOP Caribbean Super Lotto SITESMay 2022

Info on Playing Caribbean Super Lotto provides New Zealand’s lottery fans information on how Caribbean Super Lotto is played and how the different prizes work. Players can choose five random numbers out of a group of numbers that are numbered from one to thirty five. A separate group of numbers from one to ten is used to select one extra bonus number. The participating players can see if they have any matching numbers and are eligible for any winning prizes after the draws which take place on both Tuesday and Friday nights.

Since the Caribbean Super Lotto is held in beautifully exotic places that are far away, there are different laws and regulations regarding the lottery games. These may differ tremendously to what the New Zealander’s may be familiar with which is why learning all about other foreign lottery games is incredibly interesting.