Play and Win with Bullseye Lotto

Bullseye is a fun and potentially very rewarding daily lotto-style game that’s available to all players in New Zealand. The aim of Bullseye is to get as close as possible to the winning number in order to win big. The closer you are to Bullseye, the larger your potential payout!

Playing Bullseye is really simple and all you need to do is select any 6 digit number from 000,000 to 999,999 and if you pick the winning number you’ll win the first division Bullseye prize!

The first division prize starts at a whopping NZ$100,000 and if it’s not won it rolls over to the next day’s draw. If the prize pot reaches NZ$400,000 a ‘Bullseye must be won’ draw will come into effect and someone has to claim the prize.

How Much does it Cost to Entering?

A daily Bullseye entry only costs NZ$2 and you could win more than $100,000 off a single entry. If you opt for 7 consecutive draws in a row you’ll only pay NZ$10, giving you a saving of NZ$4. Should you choose to play 14 draws in a row, the costs are further reduced to NZ$20.

Pick your Own Bullseye Numbers

On each Bullseye ticket, you can pick up to 3 numbers. Picking your own numbers is simple and you can start at 000,001 and go up to 999,999 so the options are immense.

Pick with a Dip

If the choice of numbers feels a bit overwhelming, New Zealand players can opt for the Bullseye Dip alternative when buying a ticket. All that you need to decide on is how many daily draws you want to cover and the computer will randomly draw numbers for you.

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Enter Multiple Draws

If you want to buy tickets for Bullseye in advance you can do so for up to 14 days or draws at a time. Amazingly, Bullseye actually discounts you the more tickets you buy, so you can save money by entering in advance. Entering 7 draws sees you pay for 5 and if you enter 14 you only pay for 10. There’s never been any other New Zealand lotto like it!

Save your Favourite Bullseye Numbers

If you want to save time and hassle you can save your favourite Bullseye numbers for the next time you play, if entering online. If you play in-store you’ll need to keep your coupon to run it through again.

How do you Know if You are a Winner?

As Bullseye draws are done daily you’ll fast find out if you are a winner. At 6 pm, the winning numbers are announced and the closer your guess, the more you win. If you choose to buy tickets daily you can enter the next day’s Bullseye draw anytime from 6:10 pm.

Division Payouts Explained

There are 6 different division payouts in Bullseye and the first division is the one you really want to be in. To win in this division, you must predict the Bullseye number exactly and the odds per number played are 1 in 100,000.

Division 2 needs 1-5 numbers below or above the Bullseye number and the odds continue to increase and the winnings decrease  until you reach division 6 where you only need 5,001-50,000 numbers below or above the winning number.