The Best Online Blackjack in NZ

For Kiwi players looking for a game that they can have slightly more control over the outcome of than the lotto, Blackjack is an excellent choice. This quintessential casino classic is a favourite of many players and at the top rated sites recommended by you can enjoy a number of different variants of this enthralling card game.

At the top online casinos in New Zealand you can indulge in real money blackjack at your leisure, or you can play no deposit games to practice your strategies and hone your skills. The casinos that we recommend feature state-of-the-art blackjack games that are realistic, authentic and make use of reliable RNG’s to ensure fair results. Live dealer blackjack games can also be accessed and replicate the real casino experience perfectly, letting you take a seat at a virtual table whilst in the comfort of your own home.

Top Blackjack Entertainment Online

Here at we bring you all the betting entertainment you could dream of, from lotto to blackjack and everything in between. Our team of reviewers have sought out the top casinos that welcome players from New Zealand and have made it easy for you to experience the thrill of winning big on your desktop computer, smartphone or tablet.

Kiwi players can enjoy blackjack on almost any platform at the casinos that we suggest and mobile optimised games are available at your fingertips. Blackjack is an excellent option for players who prefer not to leave the results up to chance and a little bit of practice and application of strategy could see you have the winning hand on a regular basis.

Play Online Blackjack with Ease

Blackjack is considered an easy game to learn and its premise is surprisingly simple. It is however a tough game to master and refining strategy and skills can take a while. Seasoned players will reap the rewards of the time they spend perfecting their game and at the top rated New Zealand casino there are plenty of opportunities to perfect your strategy before you place NZD bets.

TOP Online Blackjack SITESMay 2022
1 IE allowed5/5$300 Welcome Bonus Play
2 IE allowed4.9/5NZ$500 in deposit bonuses Play
3 IE allowed4.8/5200% up to NZ$400 Play
4 IE allowed4.7/5100% up to NZ$500 Play
5 IE allowed4.6/5NZ$200 + 100 free spins! Play

The aim of blackjack is to beat the dealer and build a hand that’s value is as close as possible to 21, but not over. If you go over, you will Bust and lose automatically. Card values in blackjack are simple to calculate, with an Ace worth either 11 or 1, cards 12-10 worth their face value and all Jacks, Queens and Kings worth 10.

As you can see, the aim of the game is simple and players are able to use strategy to work out whether to Hit (take another card) or Stand (maintain the status quo) when trying to beat the dealer.  Every online blackjack game is played with a finite number of cards so strategy tables can be utilised to determine the more rewarding move when faced with a specific combination.

Blackjack Games to Suit Every Player

As online casinos are not limited by floor space, there are a huge number of variants of blackjack on offer at the sites we recommend. Single and multi-hand games, classics like European, Atlantic City and Spanish Blackjack and the very similar game of Pontoon are all on offer, as are tournaments and progressive jackpot games.

Whether you prefer Double Exposure blackjack, Triple 7s, blackjack Surrender or any other popular variant of this online casino game, you’ll be able to enjoy it all at the top ranked casinos recommended by