About Big Wednesday

If you’re looking for more ways to win the lotto, Big Wednesday is a draw you want to get a ticket for. Every Wednesday night Kiwi players are given an extra chance of hitting the jackpot and winning huge cash payouts and luxurious prizes. With millions of dollars up for grabs every week, buying a ticket should be your first priority.

The objective of Big Wednesday is to guess all six of the winning numbers and the correct outcome of the coin toss. The draw is televised live every week at 8-15pm and wining big is a very real possibility.

At OnlineLotto.co.nz, we always want our fellow New Zealanders to win, so we tell you everything you need to know about Big Wednesday right here!

Cost to Play?

Big Wednesday costs only NZ$1 per line and if you pick your own numbers you’ll need to play a minimum of 4 lines. A range of Dips is also on offer and prices range from NZ$6 up to $20.

What Makes Big Wednesday Different?

Big Wednesday differs from the New Zealand lotto draw on Saturdays as it includes a coin toss game that you’ll need to bet on heads or tails in. You can choose to increase your winning odds by betting on both heads and tails if you prefer and then you’ll have both options covered for each line of numbers played.

Why is the Coin Toss Important?

The coin toss is an integral part of Big Wednesday as to win the first division prize you’ll need to correctly predict the outcome of the toss and have all 6 winning numbers on the same line. The coin toss can determine whether you win first or second division prizes and also separates between the fifth and sixth division winnings.

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Pick your Own Numbers

If you want to select your own lucky numbers for the draw you can do so using the ticket builder online. Using the number selector, you mark off which of the 6 numbers between 1 and 50 you think will be in the draw. Thereafter, you’ll need to opt for heads or tails for the coin toss, or you can choose both and you’ll be given two tickets, at double the price but with double the chances of winning. A minimum requirement of 4 lines at NZ$4 (NZ$1 per line) is required.

Pick with a Dip

Dips offer New Zealanders an easy and quick way to play the midweek lotto. All you need to do is choose between the options of 6, 8 or 10 lines and you’ll receive a ticket with randomly generated numbers. For choosing the coin toss results you can either let the computer choose for you or you can choose which option you want, especially if you want both.

What are Basic, Super and Mega Dips?

When opting for the dips, you can choose between Basic, Super and Mega Dips. Basic has 6 lines, Super has 8 and Mega 10.

How Do you Know if You’ve Won Big Wednesday?

Depending on how you enter Big Wednesday you may get an SMS or email confirming you’ve won. Alternatively, you can watch the draw and see whether you are a winner or take your ticket into a retailer and filling in a prize claim form.

Big Wednesday offers a multitude of winning opportunities and players in New Zealand wanting to strike it lucky can do so with ease!