Play the Best Lottery Games in New Zealand

Few games of chance manage to evoke a national response anywhere near that enjoyed by lotteries the world over. With a number of lotteries open to players in New Zealand, it sometimes can be difficult to find the best lottery for you. is here to change all that. We review, recommend, and explain everything you need to know about how different lotteries work, what they offer, and how you can play your lucky numbers. Use our site to stay informed about different lotteries, and discover exciting opportunities to win.

Buying Best Lottery Game Tickets

The best lottery games you will find recommended by all have readily available tickets. In the case of the New Zealand Lotto, tickets can be bought at various retailers as well as at kiosks, and they can be bought online.

This can be done at the sites we promote. In addition to this, there are also lottery apps available for smartphones and tablets that put the best lotto action at your fingertips.

Buying these tickets follows the same steps as virtually every other lottery on earth. You would select however many numbers are relevant from the range of numbers used in the game manually, or you can use the quick selections options available.

Winnings can be claimed by taking successful tickets to ticket vendors.

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New Zealand Lotto

Arguably the best lottery game for New Zealanders promoted by, the official lottery in this country uses consecutive numbers that range from one to 40.

Of these, six main numbers and one bonus number are drawn on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. The main jackpot goes to the player who guessed all six main numbers correctly.

If no winner claims the main jackpot, it will be rolled over to the following week’s draw. This could happen up to four times in a row.

If this happens, the fifth week’s jackpot must be won. This could see it awarded to the player whose numbers most closely match the six main numbers.

New Zealand Powerball

A New Zealand Lotto add-on game that is happy to promote among the best lottery games is Powerball.

When buying tickets for the Saturday draw, you will have the option of guessing a Powerball number from between one and 10 for every active ticket line. This draw takes place after the main draw.

Daily Bullseye Game

If you are looking for the best lottery game for daily winning opportunities, we can recommend Bullseye. This lottery-style game requires players to select a six-digit number from between 000 000 and 999 999.

This game’s main jackpot will go to the player whose number is on the mark. If your number is between one and five numbers above or below the winning number, you could claim second tier prizes. There are six prize tiers in this game.

Other Best Lottery Games

Also among the best lottery games recommended for players in New Zealand by are Keno, Play 3, and Instant Kiwi. Tickets that don’t win in the first Instant Kiwi draw can be entered into the Instant Kiwi Second Chance draw.